Thursday, September 27, 2012

African Leaders

"Africa has failed not because of external factors,, though they have played a part, but because of weaknesses... . Provided that these faults are acknowledged, their consequences can readily be put right; and provided the mistakes of the past are learnt from, putting Africa right and achieving its potential may well not only be less complicated than we fear, but the results may come much quicker than we realise, and the transformation we all yearn for will take us all pleasantly by surprise." _ Greg Mills

African leaders have developed a tendency of blaming the problems of the past for all their indiscretions. Every year when they manifest for our vote, they promise us (the voters) the glorious things. Yes, the world was not built in one day but it was completed. With the leaders, its promise after promise. On the other hand, the spectators-opposing parties- contribute to the demise of the ruling party.

As an outsider, it become easier for you to point out the wrongs, yet, given the same platform, you would most likely reach the same outcome if not worse.

if our own leaders are busy acting like lunatics then how are we suppose to move forward? busy jerking each other on the media... South African leadership is messed up, being a President is just like any other occupation. what ever happened to the people's government not the joke whom is said to be a president.

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  1. it really is funny how they are being the everyday joke even the primary school kids have a lot to say bwt em