Friday, April 8, 2016

Zuma: Villain or Warrior? Part1

The day of deliverance has finally come, much to the anticipation of many ANC members; the constitution has surpassed all powers poised by any of them, i.e. the President and the National Assembly. On Thursday, around 11am, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng of the Constitutional Court made a ruling which will alter SA politics from this point on.

The Nkandla saga brought this country to a standstill especially during the SONA2015 when the proceedings would not go on because the opposition parties (EFF and DA) wanted to find out if the money would eventually be paid back by the president.

When the National Assembly decided to exonerate the President off all the findings made by the Public Protector, I personally lost hope in our democracy. I started questioning our political stability as a country; whether we matter as citizens, or whether ANC’s idea of democracy is thinly veiled dictatorship?  No one ever thought that this day would finally come, when the ConCourt would clarify this major Nkandla issue. Prior to the ruling, Chief Justice explained the powers and functions of the President, the Public Protector and also specified the role played by the National Assembly during the whole Nkandla debacle.  In conclusion, the ruling went against the President.

The ConCourt’s findings have put things into perspective, made us the South Africans, feel like we are part of the decision –making. Of course the money will not be paid in a matter of seconds or by next week but it soothes one’s soul to know that it will eventually get paid.

The President seem to be under a lot of scrutiny lately, first it was the Gupta saga that had everyone saying how they have been offered posts by the Gupta family and now this ConCourt  has emphasised the fact that ‘he was wrong not to abide by Thuli Madonsela’s findings’ and side with the National Assembly. It is unfortunate that this will not only reflect bad on him as a President but the part will also be affected. Many stood by him when during the two above incidents and now they appear as fools in the eyes of the public. This in a sense shows lack of leadership by our government, how many see the wrong in him but they continuously stand by him.

The President has abused his powers to protect this country. When he took the oath of office  in 2009 he ‘agreed’ that he was going to serve according to what the constitution says which suggests that he must “respect and protect” the South African citizens.

Ever since he took office, it seems he has done more harm than good where the constitution is concerned. He once declared that it is ANC before the people, is it not supposed to be the other way around? The ruling made by the Chief Justice has proved that no one is above the law (constitution). Not even the President could manipulate what the law stipulates. 

It's refreshing to know that even those who hold the highest power can be put down, indeed the democracy does exist. I was starting to doubt its very existence; I thought we are derailing to a dictatorship kind of leadership. What a relief, what a day! SA Politics has been adjusted, there’s hope after all. 

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  1. I've always felt Thuli Madonsela left the president out to dry with her findings. I feel she could have stipulated exactly what price and how much the president should pay back instead she got cold feet. Look, the president only ended up pay R7 million which is not even 10% of the money used to build Nkandla. I hope the next public protector has more guts than Thuli and hopefully she has a better weave.