Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Technology Takes Over

Last night I ran out of data. For some time it actually felt like my whole life came to a standstill. It felt like it was over. But then cellphone banking saved the day. Thank goodness for such. Makes one wonder what we used to do before modern technology was introduced into our lives. Do we even remember basic survival skills?
Technology has taken over. It’s a damn shame.
There is both good and bad in this takeover. I, however, am more concerned about the bad. Modern technology can either help people in need or become what people need. In the wake of modern technology, one can’t help but fear that we are losing who we are. Yes, that might sound extreme but it is true. Most people have not realised how their lives revolve (almost) completely around technology. From the moment one wakes up, to the last moment before you surrender yourself to sleep. Gone are the days when the first thing you do in the morning is brush your teeth. Nowadays we check our cellphones for notifications, even before your feet hit the ground when getting out of bed.
Throughout the entire day we constantly refer to our cellphones, computers and other various electronic/technologic appliances. Depending almost entirely on technology to do everything for us even the smallest and most basic things such as talking to each other. For example, break-ups are done via calls or text nowadays because they don’t want to be exposed to that uncomfortable situation. Truth is, it is impersonal and disrespectful. We also have those that would say things they would never say to someone’s face on the internet. Like subtweeting and posting updates on Facebook. This is called cyber-bullying and it is not right. It is also an astonishing display of cowardice.
Some feel technology has led up to a number of positive developments. It has improved at an amazing rate even. The negative impact outweighs the good, unfortunately. Technology may not be a disease that kills but it might just be more harmful than helpful. Researchers have brought it to our attention that certain areas/parts of the brain do not develop as well as they should, due to the over-use of technological appliances.
I would like to think that I am noble just for admitting that modern technology has taken me hostage. Lord knows I cannot go a day without my cellphone or laptop. Technology should be more of a backbone and not a brain, this means it should help support us and not think for us. The essence of life has been completely drained by technology.
It is sad and unsettling how dependent we are on technology. Granted, Technology has somewhat improved our lives and made things easier and faster, but we have been sucked in by these developments and taken it a tad bit too far.
Let us go back to basics. Let us learn to appreciate the small things. Be confident in your own abilities and rely less on technology. Now, I am not writing off technology in its entirety. Technology has changed the way we work, live and communicate. I just want us to live beyond the LCD screens.
Talk to each other. Stay active. Live.
By: Anonymous

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Cannot Get Past The Homophobic Culture

Homophobia: A strong and unreasonable dislike of homosexual people, especially towards homosexual men.
In the spirit of “uniting as one people”, I felt it important to put this piece together. Not because I am a bored activist trying to get noticed but because it is something that affects us all. Homophobia is widespread and it is sickening. Time and time again, homosexuality has been frowned upon. Granted, it is not something that one can easily accept, but the homophobic behaviour is not the better option at all. I am not about to carry on, on how homosexuals are people too, no one should have to explain that.
The number of physical assaults, robberies, acts of vandalism and threats against homosexuals are shocking. All because of one’s sexuality? I, personally, have lost a dear friend due to a homophobic attack by a group of hateful heterosexual men. They are still roaming the streets as if they have done the world a favour. It breaks my heart to think of some of the terrible things that are done to homosexuals, all in the name of hate. Name-calling. Gay bashing. Correctional rape. Prejudice. How can humans be so heartless? Discrimination against homosexuals is deplorable. So distasteful. Immoral.
Homophobia is an unnecessary act of hate that hurts people. There is a lack of fairness. Homosexuals are never really safe. Police officers are there to protect us but there are incidents of abuse by them. There are multiple reports of police officers who ridicule homosexuals who attempt to report an incident of abuse, both male and female. The same people, who have sworn to not discriminate, to protect and serve. Countless reports of assaults reported to the police completely ignored. Most homosexuals do not even bother to report abuse due to the behaviour of some officials. There have been plenty of cases about homophobic officials but nothing has been done still.
Many refer to homosexuality as "a complex issue". Some try to appear as though they are not homophobic. You find heterosexuals who go on about how they have nothing against homosexuals, just as long as they keep away from them. You also find heterosexuals who have that one gay friend they use a token, to show the world that they are not homophobic. Same way racists claim not to be racist.
I’m not a racist, I have a black friend
I’m not homophobic because I have a gay friend
Whether you like homosexuals or not it's up to you. Your feelings are exactly that…yours. To constantly abuse someone because of their sexuality, though, is unacceptable.
Stop the homophobic attacks.
          Say #NoToHomophobia

By: Anonymous