Sunday, May 5, 2013

SAPS: the biggest bullies

I cannot help but wonder what we are becoming... The way things are at this point and time it's really scary and horrifying, so to speak. The people whom we look up to for protection have now become the people we fear _the South African Police_. They have mistaken the authority for something else, bullying people and treating them otherwise have become quite the norm and that scares me.

I recall the incident that happened in Sebokeng @the Shisanyama. The way police treated people, pouring alcohol on them for no reason and also slapping the poor women. When I watched the footage it was like I was watching an action movie,  where they rob a bank and have everyone face down... I so much mistook the incident for robbery for I did not believe that our own protection will treat us in such a manner.

What has South Africa turned into? We live in fear of being raped, robbed, murdered and molested... Now, who do we call for help when such incidents occur? Talking to police is not safe anymore cause you scared you'll be dragged just for their pleasure.

Now I look back to what happened during apartheid. I look at how police were like; killing people, abusing their power etc. It seems the past is repeating itself. Oh, how I fear for the next generation!