Monday, November 5, 2012

"Knowing or not knowing"

it is said that the truth will always set you free.. In most cases though you find that discovering the truth is what holds you back or is it because some truths weigh lesser than others? Yes, it is good to always remain truthful and honest but some things are just better left unsaid... Yes, nothing stays hidden forever, yet it is so much better not knowing some truths... #justarandomthought


  1. My brother has a gift of being honest,no matter the ranking of the person or the sensitivity of the situation,so honesty is a Gift coz If you tell the
    truth, you don't
    have to

  2. I hear you Spha..But I'll rather not have you tell me something that will change my life. Something that will cause me to question my beliefs, my values, doubt my abilities...I like my life as it is, what i do not know will not kill me.