Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Women are playing victims"

I hate how we as women we complain about being viewed as objects yet we submit and obey to the ones who objectify us. Take music videos for example; are you telling me you are forced to participate in the music video? I do not think so. Some would say "I wanted to be in his music video because i needed money" , won't you just use your brain for better things. What happens is that we tend to think too little of ourselves, set boundaries saying A is too far from E. Yes that is the way it should be. If you jump from A to D without passing through B and C you will get burnt. DIY and stop depending on the same men that you accuse of abuse, sexual harassment and rape. 


  1. Im sure there are women that dont want to be in same stereotyped into the category,who wouldn't sell themselves short,strong and proud women the society labels as feminists,but the ones that do, it's because they need attention and can't face up to their mistakes that being said I also blame the media,people only act the way they think they should because of the media,if it continues playing women as objects in a cycle,than women accept it as they roles and normal

  2. I hear you.But then again we all have choices,now,don't we? They(WOMEN) choose not to face up to their mistakes, they choose to live their lives the way they do. I'm not solely judging them and regarding such 'women' as stupid but they shouldn't play victims per se.
    Then coming to the point you raised about the media... yes the media does play a role but then again they're simply highlighting what is already happening. So you cannot really blame the media for producing the insights of the already occurring problem. Again i say, we all entitled to 'freedom of choice'and with that being said make sure that the choices you make as an individual do not affect the rest of us!

  3. Let women be victims,let them be the one they need saving,because lord knows nothing is more attractive than a woman in need of the guy's assistances,that why blondes get the most attention