Friday, October 5, 2012

"any black diamond that has got a potential to shine, you are destroying it " 
"you don't want a black diamond to shine" 
"if i go into villages i will ask for a 4x4" 
"these cars i drive- they belong to comrades" 
"like any other working youth, I know a car and a house." 
"even the tax man has got a right to audit me . Not you" 
"we know, some of you here . The people you are sleeping with" #no7
"you are receiving brown envelopes and you think we don't know you are being bribed" 
"and neither did i see a bank balance of a million in my life" 
"I have never seen a million with my naked eye" 

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  1. by our very own Youth representative who says he is a working youth whilsts he was elected to represent us .